Colonial Blue Cloud Knit Top – V-Neck

Why blue is the biggest news in menswear in years.

A couple of years ago I started noticing something. It seemed like every news anchor and sportscasters on TV was suddenly wearing blue. And not just a little blue here and there, but coordinated tone-on-tone blue outfits with light blue shirts, dark blue ties and navy blue suits. Over and over, I saw this trend spreading online, in fashion magazines, on popular TV shows and films, in commercials and in politics – literally everywhere.  I really liked this simple, stylized, monochromatic look because it’s clean, modern and minimalistic. Like almost every other fashion trend, this new look made everything else seem tired, busy and out of date. Before I knew it, this  sleek, slightly retro look of all blue dressing had arrived as a huge global style trend and one that still shows no sign of dissipating.

Meanwhile, blue has always been my favorite color and my go-to choice for casual clothes – shirts, polos, tee’s, hoodies, jackets and just about everything else. By the way, almost 70% of all men also declare blue as their favorite color, too. I like the fact that my blues clothes go well with all the other colors in my wardrobe – grays, browns, tans, blacks, whites, other blues and more.


But why blue? What makes it so damn likable? Throughout history, blue is associated with calmness, peacefulness and serenity. Maybe it’s because blue sky and the blue water suggest freedom, openness and exploration. Or maybe blue is valued because it’s one of the most uncommon colors in nature – okay, I’ll give you blueberries and sapphires. For whatever reason, blue creates a positive emotional response in most of us. It makes us feel happy and content. It brightens our mood and lifts our spirits. I can’t really explain it, but when I open my drawer in the morning, the first color I always reach for is blue.



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