Which shirt color looks best on you?

Maybe a green shirt makes you look washed out.  A red shirt can make pale skin look whiter. Even popular grey is tricky on some skin shades.  But there is one color that flatters every skin tone, every hair color on every guy. It’s the shirt color you see most often on TV newsmen, sportscasters and all other on-camera personalities and it’s not white, it’s blue.

Lighter shades of blue are the best shirt color choices for guys who want to look fresh, healthy and stylish because blue just naturally brings a richness and a freshness to your face and it’s very on-trend color right now. Blues compliment your skin tone and frame your face with an uplifting brightness. Guys with blue eyes get even bigger rewards because blue shirts make your blue eyes appear even bluer.

Blue shirts also coordinate easiest with almost every other color pants, jeans and jackets. Lighter blue shirts paired with clothes in other shades of blue create a very polished tone-on-tone look as well.  So, whether your freckled, tan, pale, dark or light, wear blue and feel confident you’ve chosen your best shirt color.

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