State of Blue Mens Clothing

State of Blue founders Drew Andrews and Glenn Ashley can’t get enough blue. Like 70% of the other men in this world, blue has always been their favorite color.

“I just think I look and feel better when I’m wearing blue.”
– Drew Andrews

We’ve always been drawn to the color blue when we shop, so we’ve created a brand that’s 100% blue. Now it’s never been easier to find the best looking, best fitting and best feeling blue casual clothes in one place.

Life is brighter in blue.

As a director of commercials for some major fashion brands, Glenn learned from clothing stylists that blue is the one color that looks terrific on everyone – every skin tone and hair color.

We’ve created a new state of blue clothing for men.

We’re not just making blue clothes, we’re making modern, great fitting polo’s, hoodies, pullovers, and Cloud Knit Henley’s and tops in the most amazing shades of blue, using some of the softest, most boldly textured fabrics in the world. We want these to be your favorite clothes and the ones you want to wear everyday.

Add exceptional tailoring and outstanding customer service to the mix and you see what the State of Blue brand is all about. We hope you’ll try our clothing and give us your feedback.

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